After 22 years of ministry, Whole Heart Ministries is still active and growing because of three realities: (1) a clear mission and plan for helping Christian parents; (2) a great team of staff, volunteers, and helpers; and (3) partners who share our hearts and share their resources. As we look back on 2016, all of those realities came together to create another fruitful year of ministry for Whole Heart.

If you’ve read our year-end Vision Letter 2017, you already know that Whole Heart, using a literary analogy, is in the midst of a “turning point” in our story. We’re plotting a new story line for 2017 and beyond. Our mission of helping Christian parents never changes, but every decade or so we find we need to “pivot” strategically in order to stay effective and keep growing as a ministry. That is what 2017 is shaping up to be. A pivot year.

But here’s another reality: The reason we can look ahead to 2017 with assurance and enthusiasm is because we can look back on 2016 with satisfaction and gratitude. Over the past twelve months, God has given us solid footing and the traction we need to pivot with confidence into a new story line for Whole Heart. So, in this Annual Report we want to briefly celebrate and commemorate the year that was 2016.

Clay & Sally Clarkson

Founders and directors, Whole Heart Ministries 

It was A Good year of ministry to build on for the year ahead

For all the more visible ministry milestones we spotlight below, there were hundreds of hours of invisible ministry that made them possible—the tedious but necessary tasks of administration, planning, data management, correspondence, paperwork, research, online design and programming, working with freelancers, contracting for services, and much more. Honestly, each very visible peak of ministry that you see sits atop a mountain of ministry that you don’t see. Here are some of the milestone peaks for 2016.


We celebrated in 2016 our 20th anniversary and final year of the WholeHearted Mother and Mom Heart Conferences (our first moms’ event was in a Texas church in 1996). We brought the series to a close with conferences in Colorado, California, and Texas, the states where we started our hotel-based conference ministry in 1998-2000. Record registrations filled each event to capacity and made for a great celebration and send off. For the first time in twenty years of about sixty conferences, we filmed a special commemorative 4x DVD album of the final conference in Irving/DFW, Texas. Even though our hotel events were growing and going strong, we knew it was time for us to make a change.

The Lifegiving Home

In January, Sally released her second book with TyndaleThe Lifegiving Home – Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming. She co-wrote it with first child Sarah to tell the story of what it was like to create a lifegiving home, and to grow up in it. Second child Joel wrote the companion study guide, The Lifegiving Home Experience. Both books have enjoyed wide acceptance and good reviews, and continue to sell well. Sally and Joel took the book on the road with “The Lifegivng Home Encounter,” an evening event offered six times in several states with Joel playing selections from his CD “Music for the Lifgegiving Home,” and Sally sharing her thoughts and insights. The success of the book has also created a new Lifegiving Home Project initiative for Whole Heart, located on SallyClarkson.com.

Mom Heart Ministry

Mom Heart Ministry continues to grow and expand, not just as a key ministry initiative of Whole Heart, but as a Spirit-led worldwide movement of small groups for Christian mothers. The MomHeart.com website has grown under the steady hand of Jennie Nelson, with more content still on the way to train and equip moms for ministry to other moms. The Mom Heart Groups Facebook Group page launched this year already has about 2,000 moms on it who are involved in Mom Heart groups. Finally, Sally led in her Colorado home in October a 3-Day Mom Heart Intensive for her national leadership team. About forty moms came together from across the US, and from Canada, Mexico, and the UK, to share ideas and vision for how to keep Mom Heart growing. Sally also is working with a new leadership team in the UK to help Mum Heart UK get started, and will speak there in the spring. At the same time, Mum Heart Australia continues to grow with new events and groups. Mom Heart is beating strongly.

At Home with Sally & Friends Podcast

One of Sally’s strongest gifts is speaking, and she love to speak extemporaneously. She decided to launch a podcast to give her an opportunity to reach more connected moms in the increasingly mobile world of the internet and social medial. She launched her first podcast in January, and has seen it grow exponentially throughout 2016 to tens of thousands of downloads each month within its first year of broadcasting. In her weekly podcast, listeners get to “listen in” on a mom-to-mom unscripted, natural conversation between an older mom and a younger mom, like Kristen Kill, about the multi-faceted experience of motherhood. The podcast is available on her blog at SallyClarkson.com, and on iTunes.

Ministry Websites

WholeHeart.org website

WholeHeart.org website

We began a systematic makeover of our online presence in 2016 to become more effective in serving parents over the Internet. We are moving all our ministry websites from the old-school WordPress blogging platform, to the new-gen Squarespace hosted platform, known for its contemporary and design-driven website themes. SallyClarkson.com was first, with a whole new design and user experience. You are reading this Annual Report on our newest conversion at WholeHeart.org. Coming soon will be a re-launch of the Storyformed.com website. We are positioning Whole Heart for effective ministry online into the next decade.

Renew My Heart Getaway

We still intend to minister to mothers through events in churches and hotels, even though we ended the WholeHearted Mother and Mom Heart Conferences in 2016. In this new season of event ministry, though, Sally’s focus will turn from focusing on the ministry of mothers, and be more about ministering to mothers through personal encouragement, inspiration, and teaching. These events will be smaller, shorter, more interactive, and feature only Sally as the speaker. We created and launched the new Renew My Heart event concept in 2016, with events for 2017 in CO, CA, TX, NC, and OR. 

we thank god for our staff and faithful ministry leaders

Whole Heart Ministries would not exist without the faithful staff, leaders, and volunteers who come alongside to help us reach, in the words of C.S. Lewis, “further up, and further in” for God. It is easy to say that Whole Heart is the ministry of Clay and Sally Clarkson, but that just doesn’t tell the whole story. Whole Heart is a partnership of people who all share a heart for helping parents and expanding the kingdom of God. Here are some of the people who keep Whole Heart beating:


The Clarkson Family

Whole Heart Ministries is a family ministry—our message is about the family, and our family is about the message. The Clarkson children have all followed God into their own life journeys, and yet we all remain connected by the ministries of Whole Heart.

2015-12-25 13.02.10-1 CROP FX.jpg

clay & sally, sarah, joy, nathan, and joel


Whole Heart Board

As a family-run family ministry, and as a nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt religious organization, Whole Heart Ministries' legal and financial responsibilities are overseen by a formal, closely-held Board of Directors.


Clay & Sally Clarkson






Whole Heart Advisory Team

The Whole Heart Advisory Team is an informal board of advisors comprised of selected couples who have been faithful to help Whole Heart in ministry. They are active in events and ministry team leadership, and offer counsel for ministry planning and implementation.

Ron & Sandra Maddox

Mark & Madlin MangruM

Danny & Shelley Rose 2016 crop.jpg

Danny & Shelley Rose

Jon & CheriE Werner


Whole Heart Office Staff

Clay and Sally are the executive staff members of Whole Heart, and Josh West is our full-time Admin-Tech Assistant. Josh is an invaluable addition to our ministry in the areas of administration, website design and management, technology, online strategies, and more.

2012-12-25 Boradmoor 01 crop.jpg

Clay Clarkson

Executive Director

Sally Clarkson

Women's Ministry Director


Josh West

Admin-Tech Assistant


Whole Heart Virtual Staff

We also have a team of virtual assistants who help with the ongoing tasks of keeping content flowing into our ministry blogs, websites, and social media. Each virtual staff member is skilled in a specific area and works closely with office staff.

Misty Krawaski

SallyClarkson.com Assistant

MHC 2016 - Kristin Kill propic Square crop.jpg

Kristen Kill

Podcast Assistant

Nathan Clarkson

Social Media Assistant


Mom Heart Ministry Team

The Mom Heart Ministry Team is an informal team of women experienced in a variety of areas of ministry to women and mothers. Those on the team have been involved with Mom Heart Ministry or conferences, and provide assistance for all things Mom (and Mum) Heart.


We're trusting God to keep entrusting us with ministry

Whole Heart is a faith ministry. That simply means we trust God to provide for our financial needs to enable us to do the ministry He has put into our hearts. God provides financially through ministry revenues (such as events and books) and through donor contributions. Both are matters of faith. Though our belief in His ability to provide does not change, the means of His provision can, and does.

For the past twenty years, our hotel events ministry has funded roughly 80% of our ministry financial needs, with books and other revenues providing another 15%, and donor funding around 5-10% depending on the year. In 2016, for the first time in twenty years, we finished the year with a modest financial surplus, due to the strong registration numbers for the final conferences. That surplus enabled us to hire Josh West, our first full-time Admin-Tech Assistant for the ministry office.

However, as we look ahead to 2017 and beyond, that 2016 surplus will be quickly depleted by our shift away from conferences. We will need to replace the once-predictable event ministry income with new sources of revenue. We will still have event and book table sales income in 2017, but because of reduced registrations and smaller book table inventory, that income will be perhaps 30-40% less than what we have realized in the past. We will need to replace that income to remain financially healthy and to keep growing.

We will be implementing several new ministries in 2017 to generate new revenues to support this ministry (see Vision Letter 2017), but there will still be a revenue gap we will need to close with donor contributions. Projecting conservatively, we need to raise our donor contribution income to 20-25% of our budget. In real terms, that means we would like to see our annual donor income grow to $80-100,000. That’s a big jump from our current donor income, but we are trusting God to bring Partners to Whole Heart who will share our hearts for ministry to parents by sharing their resources. As a faith ministry, we believe God is able to provide for those needs.

If you would like to become a Whole Heart Partner, contact us and let us know about your interest. We want to know our Partners personally. If you are able to help Whole Heart finish 2016 on strong financial footing headed into our 2017 pivot year, your donation now would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! We thank God for each of our Partners.