Family Faith Project is about helping parents give each child a life worth living for Christ.

Family is God's original design for passing faith to future generations. The church also has the call to evangelize, but God's primary design for preserving His message and presence in the world has always been through faithful and faith-filled families. As a "Christian home and parenting" ministry, "keeping faith in the family" has been the central message and teaching of Whole Heart Ministries from the day we began—helping Christian parents build strong biblical homes where faith will live and grow in their children's hearts.

The Family Faith Project ministry initiative will bring together the core Whole Heart messages and resources, and some new ones, to focus on the task of family faith formation—how biblical faith is formed, fed, and grown within a family. In an era when Christian faith is often on the decline, the need for the church to encourage, equip, and enable Christian parents for the task of faith formation at home couldn't be more timely and critical.

This Whole Heart initiative is only just beginning, and will take 12-18 months to develop fully. It is all starting because of a new book to be written by Clay, The Lifegiving Parent (Tyndale, May 2018), that will explore biblically and practically what it means to bring the life of God into your home and parenting. Faith-full parenting is not just about "living like a Christian," but about encountering the living God at home. How that happens will be explained further in an online course to be developed called "Parent for the Heart." The course will explain five key priorities of family faith formation, and provide practical steps and resources for how to implement them in your home. Of course, there will be a Family Faith Project website, with helpful blog posts, podcasts, books, and resources about Christian parenting. Look for soon.