The Lifegiving Home Project is about turning a house into a home that is full of God's life.

A house becomes a home when there is life in it. Sally and Sarah wrote The Lifegiving Home - Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming to encourage mothers how to bring lifeboth God's life and their lives—into their homes. A lifegiving home is much more than just a lovely and livable home; rather, it is a place where spirits are filled and souls are fed because the "lifegiver" making that home has intentionally designed and planned it to be a place where real life and God's life are encountered. Sally also wrote along with Joel The Lifegiving Home Experience, a 12-month guided journey for becoming a lifegiving home maker.

The Lifegiving Home Project page on is an extension of what Sally began with the two books. It is filled with practical tips and ideas, suggested resources, and helpful links. There are also great blog posts, podcasts, and audio and video messages on her website about making a lifegiving home. All of theses resources together make up the ministry initiative we call The Lifegiving Home Project. It will be an ongoing and growing message for Christian parents to think intentionally about how to bring life into their home.

The Lifegiving Home book is a summary of what Sally learned and lived, and what Sarah experienced, for over thirty years in the fifteen (15!) Clarkson homes. They invite you into their journey: "[W]herever you are, you can create a lifegiving home that will become a significant part of your family's story. How we need more 'homemakers' so that all who live in this transient, contemporary world might have a place to belong, to feel loved and valued, to serve and be served, to give and receive and celebrate all that is good."