Lifegiving Family Initiative — Bringing the Life of God into the Life of Your Home.

Giving life is the heart of our purpose as God's followers. Jesus said, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10:10). In a series of three books, each with a companion study guide, the Clarkson family shares from their own life together about principles of creating a "lifegiving family."

The Lifegiving Home: Sally and Sarah writes about "Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming" to encourage mothers how to bring the life of God in all its expressions into their homes. The book is a summary of what Sally learned and lived, and what Sarah experienced, for over thirty years in the fifteen (15!) Clarkson homes. Sally also wrote The Lifegiving Home Experience discussion and study guide with Joel. Visit the Lifegiving Home Project page on for more tips, ideas, resources, and links.

The Lifegiving Table: Sally writes about "Nurturing Faith through Feasting One Meal at a Time," the power of food and the table in the faith life of children. She shares both spiritual and practical insights drawn from over thirty years of parenting and ministry, and lifegiving stories from around the many tables of the Clarkson home. She also wrote The Lifegiving Table Experience discussion and study guide with Joel and Joy.

The Lifegiving Parent: Clay, with Sally's input, writes about "Giving Your Child a Life Worth Living for Christ." This book is, in many ways, a summary of the core parenting messages they have taught for over twenty years. Lifegiving parenting is about more than simply giving your children a "Christian life," but about giving them the life of Christ. Clay also wrote The Lifegiving Parent Experience discussion and study guide. Visit the Family Faith Project website at for more insights and resources about family faith formation.