Mom Heart Ministry is restoring moms' hearts to God's heart for motherhood.

After writing four books on biblical motherhood, and offering conferences for Christian mothers for over ten years, it became clear that there is a hunger for teaching and help for Christian moms. It was apparent to us that a biblical view of motherhood had been neglected for two generations, and Sally's messages were striking spiritual chords in mothers' hearts. In 2008, we began Mom Heart Ministry to speak to that need, and began offering the annual Mom Heart Conference in several states.

What makes Mom Heart Ministry unique is that it is not about trying to be a new ministry organization ... it is about cultivating a movement to and for mothers. We want to train and enable Christian moms to start Mom Heart small groups that will reach out and minister to other mothers everywhere. is dedicated to providing that training through audio, video, and print resources, to profiling what other groups nationally and internationally are doing, and to helping and equipping Mom Heart group leaders for ministry. Our book Taking Motherhood to Hearts is a training manual for how to start, lead, and tend a Mom Heart small group. There is also a Mom Heart Groups Facebook group, a Mom Heart Facebook page, and local Mom Heart events in selected areas.

Mom Heart Ministry is growing quickly in the US and around the world, but not because of our cleverness or skills. It is growing because the Holy Spirit is drawing mothers of all kinds into Mom Heart groups to share the biblical journey of motherhood. It is a movement, and a movement of God needs like-minded Spirit-led leaders to keep it moving and growing. It is our belief that mothers worldwide are an overlooked and under-served mission field waiting to be reached and engaged for God's kingdom. We invite you to "come home to God's heart for motherhood" with Mom Heart Ministry. Get caught up in God's heart for motherhood.