The Storyformed Project envisions a home of books, stories, and Christian imagination. is the brainchild of Sarah Clarkson. The seeds of the idea were planted when she first started reading great books as a child, grew as she wrote her first book as a young adult Journeys of Faithfulness (fictionalized Bible stories), and became a defining passion in her book-on-books for parents Read for the Heart—Whole Books for WholeHearted Families. the website is simply the full expression of her deep convictions about the soul-forming power of imagination, story, books, and reading in a child's life.

Sarah designed and launched in 2014, and has since gone on to pursue a degree in Theology at Oxford, and marry a Dutch man studying for the Anglican priesthood also at Oxford. As a renewed ministry initiative of Whole Heart, Storyformed Project will have a variety of facets. will soon get an online makeover and update. Although Sarah will remain the heart of, new voices will be added to expand and build on Sarah's original vision of a destination website for story- and book-loving parents. A Storyformed podcast is coming soon, a Storyformed book imprint is being resurrected, and there's even talk about a Storyformed Project event in the early planning stages.

Sarah personally invites you to visit, the hub of Storyformed Project: "My goal is to help parents and educators discover the best children’s books to be found. I’m here to celebrate, and defend, the soul-forming power of imagination, story, and beauty to form children to love what is right, hunger for what is good, and grasp what is true. To read a great story might just be to start living one, too."