We're trusting God to keep entrusting us with ministry

Whole Heart is a faith ministry. That simply means we trust God to provide for our financial needs to enable us to do the ministry He has put into our hearts. God provides financially through ministry revenues (such as events and books) and through donor contributions. Both are matters of faith. Though our belief in His ability to provide does not change, the means of His provision can, and does.

For the past twenty years, our hotel events ministry has funded roughly 80% of our ministry financial needs, with books and other revenues providing another 15%, and donor funding around 5-10% depending on the year. In 2016, for the first time in twenty years, we finished the year with a modest financial surplus, due to the strong registration numbers for the final conferences. That surplus enabled us to hire Josh West, our first full-time Admin-Tech Assistant for the ministry office.

However, as we look ahead to 2017 and beyond, that 2016 surplus will be quickly depleted by our shift away from conferences. We will need to replace the once-predictable event ministry income with new sources of revenue. We will still have event and book table sales income in 2017, but because of reduced registrations and smaller book table inventory, that income will be perhaps 30-40% less than what we have realized in the past. We will need to replace that income to remain financially healthy and to keep growing.

We will be implementing several new ministries in 2017 to generate new revenues to support this ministry (see Vision Letter 2017), but there will still be a revenue gap we will need to close with donor contributions. Projecting conservatively, we need to raise our donor contribution income to 20-25% of our budget. In real terms, that means we would like to see our annual donor income grow to $80-100,000. That’s a big jump from our current donor income, but we are trusting God to bring Partners to Whole Heart who will share our hearts for ministry to parents by sharing their resources. As a faith ministry, we believe God is able to provide for those needs.

If you would like to become a Whole Heart Partner, contact us and let us know about your interest. We want to know our Partners personally. If you are able to help Whole Heart finish 2016 on strong financial footing headed into our 2017 pivot year, your donation now would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! We thank God for each of our Partners.