After 22 years of ministry, Whole Heart Ministries is still active and growing because of three realities: (1) a clear mission and plan for helping Christian parents; (2) a great team of staff, volunteers, and helpers; and (3) partners who share our hearts and share their resources. As we look back on 2016, all of those realities came together to create another fruitful year of ministry for Whole Heart.

If you’ve read our year-end Vision Letter 2017, you already know that Whole Heart, using a literary analogy, is in the midst of a “turning point” in our story. We’re plotting a new story line for 2017 and beyond. Our mission of helping Christian parents never changes, but every decade or so we find we need to “pivot” strategically in order to stay effective and keep growing as a ministry. That is what 2017 is shaping up to be. A pivot year.

But here’s another reality: The reason we can look ahead to 2017 with assurance and enthusiasm is because we can look back on 2016 with satisfaction and gratitude. Over the past twelve months, God has given us solid footing and the traction we need to pivot with confidence into a new story line for Whole Heart. So, in this Annual Report we want to briefly celebrate and commemorate the year that was 2016.

Clay & Sally Clarkson

Founders and directors, Whole Heart Ministries