Helping Christian parents raise wholehearted children.

Since 1994, our mission has been "to encourage, equip, and enable Christian parents to raise wholehearted children for Christ." That original mission continues to be our daily motivation and our ongoing vision for the future of Whole Heart Ministries as we "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness." We are committed to "keeping faith in the family."


Growing strategic ministries to serve Christian parents

Christian women and mothers

Faith, Imagination, Reading, Story, Talk

Christian home and parenting

Christian motherhood small group ministry

Family faith formation

Christian home education

Initiatives are the heart of Whole Heart Ministries. Each initiative is a strategic and faith-shaping ministry to a different critical part of the Christian family experience—womanhood and faith; motherhood; imagination, books, and story; the home; family faith formation; and home education. Click on any of the boxes above to learn more about each Whole Heart ministry initiative.


Focusing on effective ways to reach Christian parents

If Initiatives are the ends we want to accomplish in ministry, then Priorities are the means we use to get there. Priorities are the tasks and methods in which we invest our time and resources to grow the ministries we envision that will help Christian parents raise wholehearted Christian children. Click any icon above to learn more about all our ministry Priorities.


Creating new ministry resources to strengthen families

The Resources we create are the heartbeats of this ministry. Together they keep the lifeblood of God's biblical design for family flowing into the hearts of mothers, fathers, and children. They are guide books and tools for building a Christian home. Click the arrows above to scroll through some of the Resources we offer. Click on the "Store" tab at the top of the page to purchase them.