Family Faith Project — Giving Your Child a Life Worth Living for Christ

Family is God's original design for passing faith to future generations. Faithful and faith-filled families are a key part of preserving His message and presence in the world. That's why "keeping faith in the family" has been the central message and teaching of Whole Heart Ministries from the day we began.

The Family Faith Project ministry initiative will bring together familiar and reliable Whole Heart messages and parenting resources, along with new ones being developed, to focus on the task of family faith formation—how biblical faith is formed, fed, and grown within a family. The need for the church to encourage, equip, and enable Christian parents for faith formation at home couldn't be more timely and critical.

Faith-full parenting is not just about "living like a Christian," but about encountering the living God at home. will offer an online course called "Parent for the Heart" to teach five key priorities of family faith formation, with practical instruction and resources for how to implement them in your home. The site will also include blog posts, podcasts, books, and other resources about Christian parenting.