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Whole Heart Events — We Bring Parents Together and Engage with their Hearts to Give Help and Hope

Whole Heart Ministries traces its informal beginnings to an event—The Christian Home Education Workshop in the spring of 1994, when we were still Family Faith Ministries. About a dozen parents gathered in the living room of our home in Walnut Springs, TX, a rural burg of about 700 an hour south of Fort Worth. A few months later, the notes from that workshop would became our first book—The WholeHearted Child Home Education Handbook. That book, with the first use of “Whole Heart” as our ministry identity, marks the formal beginnings of this ministry, but the formative start to Whole Heart was that inauspicious living room event.

For the next four years we hosted dozens of the same workshops for small groups and churches in Texas and around the US, in addition to speaking for state homeschooling conferences across North America and Canada, and speaking overseas. Then, in 1998 we hosted our first “WholeHearted Mother Conference” in Fort Worth, a sold-out event that inaugurated a run of twenty years of annual hotel mom conferences. Below are the main gatherings that have defined our Events Ministry from the nascent days of Whole Heart.

  • The Christian Home Education Workshop (1994, TX)

  • The WholeHearted Child Home Education Workshop (1994-2009)

  • The WholeHearted Mother Workshop (1996, TX)

  • The WholeHearted Child Seminar (1997, TX)

  • The WholeHearted Mother Conference (1998-2009, CO/TX/CA/NC/KY/GA)

  • Mom Heart Conference (2010-2016, CO/TX/CA/NC)

  • Renew My Heart Getaway (2017, CO/TX/CA/NC/OR)

  • Mum Heart Conference (2018-1019, UK)

  • Girls’ Club Getaway (2018, TX/NC)