WholeHearted Learning — Putting the Home Back in Learning

Before there was a Whole Heart Ministries, there was a "WholeHearted Child Home Education Workshop." The notes from that spring 1994 workshop for about a dozen people became the first version of Educating the WholeHearted Child released that fall. That book and its model for Christian home education became the core message that gave birth to Whole Heart Ministries. The first 196-page book would become a 272-page expanded second edition in 1996, and a 384-page extensively revised and expanded third (and likely final) edition in 2011. After 22 years in print, Educating the WholeHearted Child is still helping Christian homeschoolers put the home back in their home education.

The WholeHearted Learning Project is simply a section of WholeHeart.org dedicated to defining, defending, and promoting "WholeHearted Learning" as an effective, comprehensive, and commonsense biblical approach to Christian home education. Rather than attempting to retrofit formal educational models into the home, we started with a biblical understanding of God's design for the family and built an educational model to fit the home. WholeHearted Learning stands alone as an educational model, but it can also supplement other home education models.

WholeHearted Learning is about discipleship, whole books, and real-life learning. It is about living and learning naturally, in the place God designed us to live and in the way God designed us to learn. It's about creating a home where learning happens as naturally as living. In some ways, it is as much about Christian home education as it is about Christian home education. The WholeHearted Learning Project is simply a ministry commitment to keep the vision of the model alive for new generations of Christian parents to find and follow.