Plans & Dreams

Well. I have reached a moment of halfway calm poised between the launch of this site and my departure for Oxford. Oh yes, lovely world, I'm about to join the ranks of Lewis and Tolkien in the city of the dreaming spires. I shall have much, much to write about. Which is why I'm using this rare respite to say a swift hello to you. I have books in tottering piles and clothes in heaps next to scarves snaked round boots, all crying out to be packed here in my room, but I couldn't resist the impulse to say a quick, hearty hello before I board my plane. I want to let you know what dreams and plans are brewing in my mind for this little library of an online world. Launching this website felt a little like moving house. I moved often enough as a child that I'm quite familiar with the quickened activity of a moving day; the upheaval, the excitement of exploring a new place, choosing the rooms, the possibilities that emerge as furniture and boxes get stacked in certain corners, the fun of imagining what will be when all is unpacked and in place. Well, moving day was launch day here in many ways. And a grand, festive day it was.

Now though, is time for the real delight. I'm settling in. And the rooms are beginning to take shape in my mind, the books I want to write about, the posts I want to craft, the stories I want to tell. The white walls of the different pages on this site are going to soon be filled with further reviews, with thoughts and lists, but most of all, this blog is about to come fully to life. The boxes are almost unpacked. I'm brewing a cup of tea and I'm ready to dream, read, and chat about books and beauty and the wonders of the written word, right here in the firelit corner of this blog space. Here are a few of my ideas, posts to watch for in weeks to come:

:: Tuesday Posts :: I'll be writing a weekly essay here, exploring whatever storyish aspect is closest to my heart. Those will go up on Tuesday. I'm looking really forward to exploring some of the philosophy and practice of the storyformed life. I'll be sharing about what I learn in Oxford, quoting favorite authors as I find them, writing some reading memoir, and sometimes just savoring the fun of a bookish day. But you can always look for the major post on Tuesdays.

:: Interviews :: I'm excited about this. I'm gathering a list of my favorite authors, speakers, and dear friends, people whose opinions on books and education and imagination have formed my own thought in profound ways. At least once a month, I'll be sharing one here. You never know who it might be, and I'm delighted by some of the friends who are joining in. The conversation will be intriguing, and I have no doubt, challenging in the best sort of way.

:: Illustrations and Quotations :: Once a week, probably later in the week, I'll be posting a passage of my favorite children's literature (or any literature I like, really) with an image by a favorite illustrator. A way to sample my best beloveds and share them with you all here.

:: This & That ::  And then... you never know what I might post here or there. A few possibilities...

  • Oxford :: Did I mention I'm moving to Oxford? Going as a student? About to join the ranks of Lewis and Tolkien? Well, you can expect me to glory a bit in my chance to savor England.

  • Bookstore Gems :: Now and then, I come across a bookstore in my travels that is so delightful or atmospheric or just plain odd, I can't resist sharing it.

  • Discoveries :: You never know what lovely picture book or slim little classic you'll find tucked in the corner of a bookshop. Now and then, I know I'll have a random title to share.

  • Links :: When I find a few articles or items of interest too good to miss, I'll share them here.

I leave for Oxford tomorrow, and will spend the next couple of weeks settling in. After that, look for the regular postings. Though I'll probably say a quick hello in between. I have a feeling I'll have a good bit of beauty to share. Meanwhile, I wave you a farewell today from a last dim, thundery afternoon in my beloved mountains. And I leave you with a treat from my summer rambles in England. This is the kind of thing I just can't keep to myself. A bookstore on a boat. Enjoy the photos. And enjoy the name. "Word on the Water..." !