Lifegiving Parent Podcast Series: Holly and Glenn Packiam


Hello Storyformed friends! My husband and I had so much fun being on the At Home with Sally podcast with our dear friends, Clay and Sally Clarkson. They have been such an encouragement to us over the years, and their new parenting book, The Lifegiving Parent,  is everything we’d want other parents to glean from!

Glenn was privileged to endorse the book: ‘Wisdom is crammed in these pages-- the wisdom of the Scriptures exposited and the wisdom of God embodied in over three decades of parenting. You won’t find formulas, guarantees, or glossy depictions of family life in this book. Instead, there are well-worn and well-loved pathways into the life-giving work of the Holy Spirit…for parents and for children.’ 

We hope you'll listen to us talk with the Clarksons in this Lifegiving Podcast Series. Click HERE to listen to this podcast!