jeanna headshotI am excited to share our first Mom Heart Group Profile with you.  Jeanna Young has been a dear friend of Mom Heart Ministry for many years.  She and her precious family have been fixtures, volunteering at and loving the women attending the Southern California Mom Heart Conference year after year.  Today she shares about the Mom Heart group that she has led for several years.I love being a mom.As a mom, the evil one loves to point out my faults and failures in my life.Sometimes, I listen.And feel inadequate for the job God has given me to do.But thankfully, God has given me a couple of tools to speak truth into my life: His word and friends.I knew the minute I met Sally that I wanted to open up my home for a Mom Heart group.  Most of my life, just like Sally, I have always had to start the groups to make them happen.  I am the one who invites people to my house because I want to surround myself with women who love Him and are striving to be the best moms and wives they can be.I started my Mom Heart group 5 years ago.  I sent out emails inviting friends to come to my home once a month to study one of Sally’s books.  Most of the girls don’t know each other, but it is a sweet time of fellowship together.  This year we are studying “Own your Life” and there are 15 girls signed-up to be a part of the group.  Our group has children ranging from newborns to kids in their 20’s.  But each of us has a heart for the children in our homes and the husbands God has given us.jeannaEach month we gather having read a portion of the book over the last month.  I make soup and salad for anyone who hasn’t had dinner and dessert for a snack for others.  I open up with “A Teaching Moment” from something God has taught me during the last month and then we share our “Aha” moments.  We go chapter by chapter through the book and then end in prayer.  I am very aware of the time and make sure the ladies get home to their husbands at a decent hour.Twice a year, Christmas and June, we have a special dinner where I ask the moms to come and I serve them.  On Valentine's Day, we write cards for our kids and husbands as an activity.  Each year, I encourage the girls to go to the Mom Heart conference in our area.My favorite Mom Heart time together this year was our first gathering in September.  I had each of the girls pair off with someone they didn’t know and pray together at “stations."  The signs strategically placed around the house were “Husbands/Marriage”, “Children”, “Idols/Sin areas”, “Dreams/Goals” and “Challenges”.  We each moved from station to station sharing and praying for each others’ needs.  God moved powerfully that particular day.I would encourage each of you seeking to find like-minded friends to pray for God to bring them to you.  God may seek you to start a group yourself and invite women into your home.  “If you ask, they will come!”  Don’t worry if you are nervous, I am, too.  Somehow, each meeting I feel the enemy ready to bring me down.  I can feel rejected if people don’t show up or upset if I didn’t feel the evening went right.  But God is glorified none-the-less and every time despite my inadequacies, the ladies are blessed!  It is all the Lord’s doing!Won’t you consider starting a Mom Heart Group today?  You will be blessed by others and in turn be a blessing!easter-book-coverJeanna Young is the author of the Princess Parables Series, introducing two new books this year.  A Royal Easter Story comes out January 26th.  You can pre-order on Amazon here.  When Jeanna is not writing, speaking, event planning, or homeschooling, she can be found scrapbooking her life, redecorating her home, loving on her husband, planning fun events for her kids or eating healthy to stay cancer-free!   You can find the Princess Parables and Jeanna blogging at