A Group Profile from the UK - Jacqui

Mom Heart groups are springing up across the world as mothers discover the joys of walking in biblical motherhood together.  There are groups that we know of in Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Madagascar, Ukraine, Australia, and England.  And there are likely many more in other places of the globe.  {Join the Mom Heart Groups Facebook community to connect with women in your local corner of the world.}Jacqui is a relative newcomer to Sally Clarkson’s books and Mom Heart Ministry, but has established a local group for mothers in the Greater London area.  Let’s glean from her wisdom and gather courage from her experiences as a new Mum Heart group leader.How did you discover Mom Heart ministry?I first came across Sally in January of 2016 via the new podcast and was keen to check it out. I instantly connected with Sally’s ethos; she spoke straight into my circumstance and experiences. I went on to find what books Sally had written and decided to read Seasons of a Mother’s Heart first. I began working through it and could immediately see fruit in my life.  Her voice and discipleship style was so fresh, relevant and relatable. Until then, I had had a couple of influential teachers who had helped shape my parenting style, but Sally is a mentor God is using to shape my heart.canstockphoto3694396What is your role in your group?I host the mums in my home every fortnight on a Saturday morning, I like to create a welcoming, peaceful space away from the demands of life. We journey through the chosen chapter together where I then follow Sally’s outline as laid out in her book Taking Motherhood To Hearts, this has been so helpful to know the ‘how-to’s’ of hosting and I refer to it regularly.Tell us a bit about your group.It initially started out with just me and a friend.  [See?  It really does only take two women gathering together in God’s name.]  I was getting so much out of it and seeing fruit in my own life that I was excited to share the discovery. We met a couple of times before I saw information about Sally’s Oxford visit in early 2016 so I thought I’d see if I could get a few more ladies to come with me.  Five ladies including myself ended up going to The Kilns that weekend and from that encounter another two mums wanted to join our little book study, which, after Oxford, I thought could be the seed of a Mum Heart group. We are still a small but precious group of mums, sometimes there are two of us and when full, five. I started an online Facebook page for the group also and invited mums to join us by distance.  We currently have 50 mums journeying along in there. We meet fortnightly in my home in Middlesex, Greater London.

FullSizeRender-7Jacqui with a Mum Heart friend

What would you say to lonely mothers who are seeking like-minded fellowship?

The generous man will be prosperous,And he who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:25

 “Be who you need" - If you’re lonely and desperate for someone to connect with, see if there is someone around you who you can reach out to and offer the hand of friendship to. Look for other mums in your church, in your community or even online via social media and invite others to join you in a book study journey.  All it takes is you plus one other and you’ve all you need for meaningful ministry to happen. A lot of mums are just waiting for someone else to step out and make the first move (like Deb did) and they’ll gladly follow, all you need to do is send the invitation and provide the opportunity.What are your biggest challenges as a group leader?Personal growth and maturity as I learn to minister to each lady and be the kind of group leader they need and who leads in integrity and grace. I am challenged to not try and present myself as having it all together, to remember that the group is also for my own edification and support.   I can let people in and not be the ‘perfect’ leader, but instead model that I am ‘living forward’ towards the upward calling with them, and the dreams I have for myself and home.What are your greatest blessings as a group leader?This is the hardest to answer because there are so many blessings, some of which I’m not sure I can put into words. Sally’s invitation to join her in Jesus’ ministry through a Mum Heart group has given me a deeper sense of service and purpose and the accountability is a huge blessing as it gives me so much motivation to stay focused and keep living forward.12991124_1037334379671665_5889162843528592630_n

Jacqui and Sally at a Livegiving Home Event in Oxford, UK

How can we pray for you or your group?Pray that we will grow in love and grace, that we’d continue to stay strong in our convictions and desire to glorify God in our families, and that we’ll bear fruit which attracts others to know Christ, the "fruit which remains".

You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you.  This I command you, that you love one another. John 15:16-17

Do you need a friend?  Consider who you might invite to join you in a book study.  We need each other!