A New Book!

diff coverHave you discovered the joy of reading a book alongside another mother?  It is one of the best ways to build camaraderie, spark conversation and create like-minded friendships.  We are so excited that tomorrow (January 24th), Sally and Nathan have a new book to encourage mothers.  This book is unlike anything the Clarkson family has written before.  Written from both Sally's and Nathan's perspectives, this book gives a peek into life with an outside-the-box child, shedding light into an area that is so often hidden.  Different gives us encouragement to love our children well, even when they are mysteries to us.  Different also shows some of what life has been like from Nathan's perspective, opening up a window into what is usually inaccessible: the mind of a child with hard diagnoses.[embed]https://youtu.be/ABbRGUOiRHU[/embed]This book has the potential to draw women into your Mom Heart groups that have never found a compassionate, listening ear before.  Women that have been isolated, lonely and despairing that they could ever have hope amidst very challenging life circumstances.  To love these women will be a gift.launch partyAre you going to use this book in your group?  How have you reached out to mothers that are alone?  Let's brainstorm how to get this book into those women's hands![embed]https://youtu.be/kE5AtROoKAE[/embed]