Go Reach Others Uniting in Purpose - Tip #9

GROUP: Go Reach Others Uniting in Purpose.Sharpen the Vision of Your Mom Heart GroupIt’s easy for a group to settle into a routine, and to become comfortable and complacent just doing what they’ve always done. When that happens, vision dims and dulls for what God’s larger purpose is for your group. To keep vision for your group sharp, take some time every quarter to talk about your bigger mission as a group. Use the GROUP acrostic below to evaluate together if there are ways you can become more outreaching.G — Go: InitiateDon’t wait for moms to approach you! Prayerfully consider moms you know who may be interested in your group, or need to be in a Mom Heart group, and then take the initiative to go and seek them out. Depending on the size and nature of your group, you can invite them to join your group, or even start a new one for them. You may be motivated, and even gifted, to minister to mothers, but it won’t happen until you go, until you initiate.canstockphoto17476109R — Reach: InviteSome women won’t respond to a general announcement about a group. Perhaps they feel they’re too busy, or they’re insecure about responding to a stranger, or they just don’t want to risk rejection, or they don’t feel worthy to be in the group. Whatever the reason, when you reach out personally, it tells them that you’re interested in them and that they’re welcome in your group. Sometimes all someone needs is to be asked!O — Others: IncludeThere can be an appropriate time for an exclusive group—if you’re limited in size; if it’s a special needs group; when you are building strategically into the lives of a few committed women; or other special situations. However, always keep in mind that God’s kingdom is inclusive—it is offered to all who will come to Christ. Being biblically inclusive as a group means always looking out for others who need to be included, to invite them in or to help them find a group.U — Uniting in: InspireHistory has been changed by small groups of people united in a common purpose and inspired by a shared vision. You may not change history, but you can change the lives of many mothers through your small group. The mothers you inspire will go on to touch their own families, and other mothers. Always communicate a higher vision for your group, then let the Spirit unite you in reaching for it. You are inspiring eternity-changers.canstockphoto5618698 P — Purpose: InfluenceEvery day, women are fed a steady diet of half-truths and even lies about motherhood by the prevailing culture. What they hear is rarely, if ever, biblical, affirming, or visionary. But you can influence other mothers with biblical truth about God’s heart, design, and purpose for motherhood. You have the opportunity to influence other women by helping them find eternal purpose and meaning in their lives at home. Your influence is purposeful and powerful.How will you use your influence? Excerpt from Taking Motherhood to Hearts