Gretchen's Group

Gretchen is a Mom Heart Leader in North Carolina.  She still faithfully leads a group even as she makes herself available to encourage new leaders to take a step forward into God’s calling.  Gretchen is a tireless behind-the-scenes friend and worker for the Mom Heart Ministry.  Let’s hear what she has to say about her group.Our Mom Heart group began after a friend and I prayed throughout the summer. Our group meets once a month in the evening from 8-10 pm.  We share tea and goodies and then read aloud a chapter from one of Sally and Clay’s books, discuss it, and pray together.  Reading aloud the chapter together has led to great discussion since the content is fresh on everyone’s mind.  It has also been a great reminder as moms for how wonderful it is for someone to read aloud to you, which is a gift we can give our children every day.gretchen1

Gretchen's Group:  Three of these moms are now pregnant!

Our group created Mom Heart cards for moms to give to other moms they meet at the park, church, or sports activities to invite them to our gatherings.  Our heart is to truly give moms a refreshing time where they can come as they are, be encouraged, prayed for, listened to, and fed physically and spiritually.  God meets us there as we pray, read and seek to learn how to love our families.What has been wonderful to witness is how God brings the moms who need to be there.  We just need to be sensitive to His Spirit and calling when meeting moms and opening the invitation to them.  God continues to amaze me each month with the new moms He brings who really need the truth and freedom found in His word that Sally so beautifully articulates in her books.  Also the relationships formed have flourished and deepened as we have weathered divorce, cancer, adoption disappointments, and the death of one of our precious moms from metastatic breast cancer.  Our group is truly a community together.Gretchen is a leader because she loves to serve mothers.  Her goal is that they have a safe place to belong and find encouragement.  With her eyes on God and off herself, Gretchen has strengthened many weary mothers over the years.