Leaders Need Refreshment, Too - Tip #6

Are you giving from a full spirit or striving from an empty one?  Here are some ideas to help you fill your own spirit so that you have an overflow to give.Family: It should be self-evident, but sadly too often it isn’t—if your life at home is out of order, then your spiritual life will be out of order. You can’t give from a full spirit if your heart is divided and distracted by unresolved stress or discord at home. Be honest with yourself and your group about the state of your heart.canstockphoto24920172Place at Home: Be sure to have your own personal space at home where you can retreat for times of quiet and spiritual refreshment, if only for a few minutes. Create a “mom’s place” with things that minister to your spirit—comfy chair, special books, your music, lighted candles, lovely pictures, living plants.  This time of year, your place could even be outside.Get Away: Different personalities will retreat in different ways, but the idea of getting away is biblical and basic. We need to separate ourselves occasionally from media, daily routines, distractions, and everything else that keeps us from focusing on our own emotional and physical needs and spiritual health. And yes, we can even need time away from people. Plan a weekend getaway however often you need to in order to tend to the needs of your spirit.Worship: Music is processed in a different part of the brain. If music is the language of worship, then we need to be training that part of our brain with good music. Perhaps we are learning the language of eternity. There is a mysterious but very real effect that music has on the spirit by God’s design, so feed your spirit with music regularly.Self-Acceptance: If you cannot accept yourself as God has made you, then you stand to miss much of the Spirit’s work and leading in your life. Learning to “love … yourself” is part of your spiritual nature. God accepts you unconditionally, and wants to use you just as you are. This may be an important part of accepting the ministry God has given to you as a mentoring mom.What can you add or subtract to give from a full spirit?  Your children, friends and group members will be blessed as you pour into them from what God has poured into you.Excerpt from Taking Motherhood to Hearts