Let's Explore MomHeart.com

Hi Friends!Thank you for your enthusiasm about this new site.  It is so much fun to hear from women all over the world (including Italy and Madagascar) who are looking to find and form communities of encouragement.  We are here to help you start your own MomHeart groups (including ideas about where in the world to find like-minded women), and then how to tend and encourage those women all the while finding ways to fill-up your own soul so that you have something of value and truth to give.I wanted to take some time over the next few weeks to highlight some portions of the site that you might not have seen yet.  If you already lead a group, you may have discovered that occasionally it's hard to translate your own enthusiasm for the MomHeart philosophies and Sally's wisdom into something your members can relate with and understand.  (I actually had someone once tell me that I was misguided in my enthusiasm!  I am a bit.... well... passionate about things I'm excited about and she thought I was a bit crazy.   Oh well.)One way I have made Sally a real person in my own groups is with her videos.  When the other ladies can see and hear Sally relating her stories in her own words, the whole book comes alive in a new way.  When you hear Sally pour out scripture naturally and easily, you understand the value reading and studying the Bible every day.  I have invested in many of the DVD sets so that I can start our group meetings with a few minutes directly with Sally.What a blessing that these videos are now available, streaming here, for free!!!  You can use them to encourage your ladies and bring the stories in the book to life.  For now, there are videos to accompany Mission of Motherhood, Ministry of Motherhood and Seasons of a Mother's Heart.The videos are under the tab "Resources" >> "Heartbeats Videos" or http://momheart.com/library/video-helps/.How have you used videos in your groups so far?