Serving Your MomHeart Community

We first met Deb Giles in the profile of her group several weeks ago.  Her group is intentional about serving and loving the group members in practical ways.  As you read of her experience, consider how your group might tangibly bless someone during this season.Our Mom Heart group has often discussed helping one another with small projects in our homes. Recently we began doing just that. One of our ladies has been in her home for about 17 years and has raised 8 children in the home. The house is showing some wear and tear, as would be expected. Mom has had some medical issues the past few years and is feeling overwhelmed with where to begin to make her house a home again. In steps, the ladies from our MomHeart group made plans to bless her. We spent a day while Mom was away at doctor appointments (with another of our MomHeart Ladies) and Dad was at work, painting their downstairs family room. A week later, with the help of some of our husbands, we came and finished the family room, painted their front porch, and deep-cleaned the kitchen. We wanted things to be in order before Mom went in for a scheduled surgery.  Mom and Dad were both surprised, as they had no idea we had planned to do this. They are both very appreciative of our hard work and dedication to their family.

Now we who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves. Romans 15:1
In Romans, it tells us to bear the burdens of the weak and to love as Christ loved us. This is what our group is working hard to do. Most of us have many children and are still in the trenches of raising our families. We have had mothers care for other members' children when they've had doctor appointments, when they're having bad days, or just because.We are building a community together and reaching out and helping one another at many turns. It is amazing to have women like this in our lives. We all come from different backgrounds and different churches, but we all share a love for Christ and what HE says we are supposed to be and do. We work together and help others including those outside our group. When we see a mom struggling, we see what we can do to help. If it's inviting her to join our group, we do that. If it's offering encouragement, we encourage her. If she needs meals, we try to help there too.
I think the most wonderful experience that has come from our MomHeart group is that we love on everyone we meet. We do our best to let the light of Christ shine through each of us, everywhere we go. It fills my spiritual cup to see another mom or family be blessed in some way by this wonderful group of ladies whom God put in my life.Our group continues to plan more ways to bless mothers in our community. We are truly blessed and are working hard to keep our eyes on the Lord and listen to His voice.What can your group do to bless one another or a mother in your local community?