Welcome to the New WholeHeart.org!

This is a year of transitions for Whole Heart Ministries (see our Year-End Letter), so it seemed like a good time to give WholeHeart.org a much-needed upgrade, update, and makeover. We are, in fact, giving all of our ministry websites the same upgrade. We're moving them all from the venerable WordPress platform, to the new-generation Squarespace platform. Not because we need to, but because Squarespace does the kinds of websites we do better, easier, and, well, cooler. SallyClarkson.com was our first conversion, and now WholeHeart.org is the latest. It's all part of our "pivot" after 22 years of ministry to be sure we will continue to reach and minister to Christian parents in the decade ahead.

Click around the new site and let us know what you think. We'll be reviving the Whole Heart Blog now to keep you up to date on Whole Heart Ministries news, alert you to new books and events, and share excerpts from our books and blogs to encourage you as a Christian parent. Be sure to subscribe to the site so you can receive our blog posts in your email inbox. Thanks for being here.