A Ministry Pivot and a Change for Good


It's time for a new ministry pivot. Every decade or so, Whole Heart Ministries has taken a new road into a new season and new streams of ministry. With the end of our annual hotel conference ministry this year, we're charting a new course for the road ahead of us in 2018.

It always helps to know where we've been, to get a clearer picture of where we're going. For a quick peek at our past year, visit our "Where We've Been in 2017" page. It's been a year full of event ministry (six in the US, one in the UK), writing ministry (five books released, two more written), and online ministry (blogs, podcasts, and a new "Life with Sally" course site). Phew!

Then click over to the our "Where We're Headed in 2018" page. That's where you'll get a descriptive road map for where we're headed in the year ahead (you can also get a PDF of our year end letter there). It's a refocused plan for more books and resources for parents, new books for children and families, growing existing and launching new online ministries, and international ministry to mothers in the UK. It's more than we can do alone. We'll tell you how you can help as a Whole Heart Partner.

This pivot means we'll be changing for good. In both ways--it a whole new season, and a fresh new vision. And it's all good. We invite you to join us on our continuing journey into God's heart for Christian parenting, motherhood, and the family. After twenty-four years of ministry, we're still "keeping faith in the family," and in your family.