A Longtime Mom Heart Mentor - Lynn


Sally and Lynn

Lynn Custer has been close, personal friends with Sally since their children were very young.  In the years since, she has led many Mom Heart groups, mentored countless mothers and Mom Heart group leaders, and traveled far and wide to support Wholeheart Ministries.  She is the one responsible for the heart warming table decor at the past Mom Heart conferences (chocolate heart, anyone?) and has been a resource, mentor and encouragement to me personally as I raise my boys.Lynn has lead groups of mothers through Seasons of a Mother's Heart for years.  Lynn Wilson is one mother who was mentored by Miss Lynn through her Mom Heart group.

The Seasons of a Mother’s Heart ‘Moms Meetings’ were born out of a desire for fellowship and an urgency to shepherd and mentor other homeschooling mothers. Armed with Sally's book, Lynn Custer began the first group that would eventually turn into a series of groups as it was discovered that women were hungry for encouragement and practicality in the homeschool department.
Lynn had just moved from Tennessee to North Carolina and felt the call to share what she herself had lacked in times past: advice offered by a successful forerunner and hope for the journey. She began each meeting with a time of greeting and snacks, then onto prayer and book discussion. Not to be mistaken for a bible study, this group met one evening each month to discuss one chapter of Sally’s book for a total of twelve months. Having boys, Lynn would share her experiences in educating young men and would give away whole or living books that she had found along the way. She would also lend out numerous books from her own personal library.
Today, these Mom Heart meetings are still going strong, but there is no need for them to begin and end with one person. Any mom can lead and is, in fact, encouraged to do so.  Gather together a group of moms, put on a kettle for tea, read and discuss one of Sally’s books together, and get ready to be greatly encouraged.
Lynn Wilson ~ a Seasons Group Graduate
Lynn and some Mom Heart Leaders
At the end of this year-long Mom Heart group, Lynn's group gathers for a covered dish dinner with their husbands.  Lynn's husband, Gary, shares with the fathers and takes time to answer their questions.  What a wonderful ministry!
Do you have a mentor?  Are you willing to be a mentor?  Lynn Custer is a shy, quiet woman who intentionally seeks out women who need a kind word of encouragement in their mothering.  You don't have to be an extrovert to be a Mom Heart group leader.  Many of us are unable to find mentors in our local communities, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't step out and be one yourself.  Let's be the women that we wish we could find, just like Lynn has done.
Joy Clarkson and Lynn - Mom Heart Conferences call for matching heart shirts!