Are You Being Filled? - Mom Heart LEADer Tip #5

If prayer is you speaking to God, then reading His Word is God speaking to you. The truth of the Scripture is food for your mind—spiritual nourishment for growing in maturity, faith, and wisdom. There is “milk” for the immature believer, and there is “meat” for the mature (Hebrews 5:11-14). God’s Word is “living and active” and goes deep into your “soul and spirit” (4:12). It is “inspired by God and profitable” for all that will make you mature (2 Timothy 3:16-17). It is God revealing His mind and heart to you, teaching you to be His follower, explaining spiritual realities, and guiding you with wisdom for life. You need His truth to teach others to follow Him. So, feed on God’s truth in His Word.canstockphoto0204177In the same way that you learn from God by reading and studying His Word on your own, you also learn from others who feed on God’s Word and then share what they learn in spoken messages and written books. Their insightful words can inspire, instruct, explain, explicate, and expand on the truths of God’s Word in ways you might miss. When you listen to or read the words of others who study and think deeply about God’s Word and the life of faith, you are nourished by the overflow of their maturity, wisdom, and insight—your mind is shaped and strengthened by their words. So, feed on God’s truth in the messages, books, and writings of other godly believers you respect and trust.

You cannot offer living water to the mothers in your group if your own spiritual well is not filled up.

You cannot be a faith-forming influence on others if your own faith is not being formed. Be sure you are being refreshed and nourished by God’s grace and truth so you will be able to refresh and nourish others from His grace and truth.Are you being filled so that you can pour out to the mothers around you?Excerpt taken from Taking Motherhood to Hearts.