Be Hospitable - Mom Heart LEADer Tip #2

foots-73310_640Serve Your Group with EnthusiasmAs a mother with time in the trenches, you have by now learned one important truth by experience: Motherhood is delightful, but it can also be demanding and daunting. The daily piling on of duties, responsibilities, crises, conflicts, and needs can leave even the most capable mom feeling tired, alone, discouraged, and overwhelmed. When moms come to your group meeting, the demands of motherhood can sometimes weigh heavily on them. Carrying that weight can drain the delights of motherhood from their spirits, and that can affect the spirit of your group.When you see a mom with that weight walking in your door, her burden is not something you need to correct. After all, she is coming to the Mom Heart group to be with others who will share in that burden with her. It should not be corrected, but it can be deflected. You have the power to create a space for moms in your group to feel loved, encouraged, and refreshed. How? Simply by creating a home characterized by hospitality.According to, hospitality is “the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.” The biblical terms suggest the idea of welcoming strangers and others into your fellowship. Hospitality is primarily expressed in the act of welcoming others into your home, but it is more; it is also the intention of creating a welcoming home. We like to suggest two qualities that create a hospitable home: atmosphere and environment.The atmosphere of hospitality is the spiritual air that your guests will breathe in—the tones of joy, enthusiasm, and anticipation; the spirit of grace, gentleness, and love; the sense of God’s life and truth; the priority on people and relationship. The environment of hospitality is the surroundings that your guests will experience—the orderliness and ambiance of a room that makes it inviting, comfortable, and attractive; thoughtful décor that adds life, beauty, color, and texture; inviting, tasteful refreshments that are creative, healthy, and presented nicely; selected music, art, and books that add fullness and meaning.You may be thinking, “I understand about the atmosphere of hospitality, and can do that. But I don’t know about the environment part. We don’t have nice things, and I’m not a good decorator.” But consider this: If atmosphere is the verbal expression of welcome, then environment is the nonverbal. A welcoming home environment says loudly and clearly to your guests that they are important enough to you that you have thoughtfully prepared a place of welcome for them. It does not take much to create a welcoming and hospitable environment that will “speak” to your guest. And when you do, it will also strengthen and enhance the personal atmosphere you create. This is true even if you are meeting in a neutral, non-home facility— whatever you do to improve the environment will also improve the atmosphere. It just takes a little extra time and effort. Perhaps that’s why Paul exhorts Christians, “Practice hospitality” (Romans 12:13 NIV).Excerpt from Taking Motherhood to Hearts.What simple preparations make your home hospitable and welcoming to your Mom Heart group?