Perspective of a New Leader

I am excited to introduce you to Erin, just finishing up her very first year of leading a Mom Heart Group.  I know there are many of you out there being called to start a group and you just can’t seem to find the courage.  Gather some from Erin today!  After being changed by a book, she felt called to pay it forward and live out a Titus 2 ministry.  Here is her story.When my oldest was four, God used Seasons of a Mother’s Heart to shape my marriage, mothering and eventually my homeschooling.   I wanted to offer myself in service to the Lord in any way I could to encourage other women.  I met with Lynn Custer (a Mom Heart Mentor near Raleigh, SC) and told her how I thought God was leading me to start a Mom Heart Group.  She was very encouraging and told me that another mom had recently approached her regarding starting a group close to where I live.  She introduced me to Bobbi, the two of us spoke, and a group was born!  I facilitate and we meet at Bobbi’s house.foots-73310_640Our group has settled in at about six of us.  Sometimes there are only three or four, depending on what is going on in people’s lives.  We meet once a month and are currently reading Seasons of a Mother’s Heart.  In lieu of a chapter of the book, one night we viewed one of Sally’s webinars together.I read the chapter aloud and stop intermittently to share whatever I have learned from past studies, experience and whatever God has placed on my heart during my study time.  As the months have gone by, there is more sharing among the ladies in the group.  Our group is cozy and intimate, a time of respite and relaxation from the stresses and worries of life.This side of Heaven, one of our greatest resources for strength and comfort is each other.  Go to the Lord in prayer; let Him direct your path. Then reach out where He leads.  Join a group.  Take a leap of faith.  To all moms I would say, “Make yourself approachable, welcoming and inclusive.  Let’s be real with one another.  Don’t try to make your life seem something that it is not, because our testimonies are powerful and have restorative power.  Your story is your story for a reason, and that reason is to glorify God!  Maybe He has a whole line of women out there who will be the recipient of your wisdom and encouragement, even though right now you can only see the pain and struggle. We need to reach out to each other in our times of loneliness and need, but we also need to be aware of who is around us and who might need some help.  We need each other.  You were not created to go it alone.  We were made for fellowship.  Look at Mary and Elizabeth in the Bible!“One thing that is a challenge for me in this new role of leadership is resting in the fact that God called me to do this and drawing confidence in that alone.  The enemy will tell me, “Who are you to lead a group; you barely know what you are doing.”  I have to remind myself that I am no one, but He is everything.   I sometimes get insecure about the numbers…why did some women not come back to the group?  Was it something I said?  By pressing on, and giving Him my loaves and fishes, He has been faithful, and I now see that the women who are there are the ones who He knows will glean the most at this time.  Where two or more are gathered, He is present.  I have noticed that as the group became a bit smaller, there was more sharing, especially from those who would otherwise be quiet.  I am also able to be more intentional and personal.  So, perseverance and confidence have been the biggest challenge.  But if I press on, He is faithful.   I am growing stronger, gaining confidence, moving closer in my relationship and reliance on Him.  It’s been a refining process.My greatest blessing is when we are all together and there is sharing among the group.  I have been struck by the wisdom of the ladies and the encouragement they have gotten and given.  Just the fact that we all long to be more like Christ in our mothering and that these ladies care enough to be intentional about the future of their children and families is amazing.  Sally’s words are life giving and redirecting from the social and cultural norms of today.  It is powerful to see things click and to feel God moving!Please pray that God’s will be done throughout the group.  Conviction would happen where needed, encouragement and validation where needed.  That our hearts would be drawn closer to the Lord and that what is stored up would then be poured out on our families.  That as a facilitator, I seek to hear God’s word and message, and that I remain obedient to His calling.Erin's group meets in Apex, North Carolina.  If you're near that area and are looking for fellowship, note that in the comments and Erin will get in touch with you.Erin’s testimony to God’s faithfulness and goodness is a powerful picture of what happens when we obey what He calls us to do.  Are you being called to minister to mothers?  What do you need to take one step forward into that calling?