Grace Upon Grace - Tip #12

Every movement has a message. It’s what defines it, gives it direction, and makes it distinct from other movements. There are, of course, competing messages about biblical motherhood— they can create confusion for Christian moms, leading them off in search of God’s truth that too often can leave them feeling either trapped by what they find, or lost and without direction. However, we believe that the beliefs that shape Mom Heart are biblically sound, reflect the true heart of God for mothers, and will give moms a sense of freedom and direction. Our message is what makes us Mom Heart.SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530

Seeing my children develop a heart for God’s service and begin to find their own place of ministry in the world is a reachable goal for me as a mother, because God has designed me to fulfill this purpose. This is the true ministry of motherhood—to usher my children into the living presence of God, to nurture in them a heart for Jesus and the Great Commission he has called each of us to fulfill.The Ministry of Motherhood, Sally Clarkson

TEACHING YOUR MOM HEART GROUPMom Heart teaches a distinct biblical message about God’s heart for motherhood. However, the distinctiveness of our message about motherhood is not just in the details of what we believe, but also in how we teach the scriptures that teach about motherhood. We don’t come to Scripture intent on making all of the mom passages fit into a box, whether our own or someone else’s. Not every theological box is necessarily bad, but when Scripture does not create it, the unfortunate result is too often what we call “Christian law,” or legalism. Boxed-up ideas for motherhood become rules that must be followed—if you’re not in the box, you’re out of God’s will. We believe God is bigger than our boxes.We come to the Scriptures together to listen for God’s heart in a personal letter written by Him to His people, not to cut and paste bits of truth to fit into a manmade doctrinal box. The purpose of a Mom Heart group is to open God’s Word with a spirit of humility and discernment to hear what the Spirit has to say about motherhood and the Christian life. As a Mom Heart group leader and teacher you are following the example of Jesus who taught with “grace and truth,” not with law (John 1:17).A photo by hieu le. is at the heart of teaching the moms in your group. You are freeing them from counterfeit and burdensome views of motherhood that cannot fulfill their longing to be the mom that God designed them to be. You are helping them find the blessing, purpose, and sense of fulfillment that God intended for them as a mom in His divine design for motherhood. One of the most loving things you can do is to teach the moms in your group in a way that helps them find the message of grace and freedom in Christ, and the confidence of biblical motherhood that God designed them to enjoy.Excerpt from Taking Motherhood to Hearts.Click here to read the Mom Heart Ministry Values Statement.Click here to read the Mom Heart Ministry Beliefs Statement.