A Mom Heart Picnic in England

Food, fellowship and fun.  Perfect ingredients for a time of conversation and connection.  Our friends in the UK have been forming more and more Mom Heart groups and there seems to be a special movement right now of women longing to get back to God's heart for motherhood.  Several mums made time in their lives to picnic together and get to know one another and each other's children.  Jacqui has written a bit about their time together and why she planned the picnic.FullSizeRender (4)As they say at Wimbledon most years ‘rain delayed play’, so after our first attempt at a Mum Heart picnic was hampered by the English weather, we finally managed a get together in the beautiful outdoors and Mr. Sunshine did not let us down.FullSizeRender (2)After putting out an invite on the Mum Heart UK Groups page and our individual groups, a small troupe of us came together to connect, picnic, swap baby-holding duty and give thanks for Sally’s ministry bringing us together on this journey.FullSizeRender (1)Sometimes, for various reasons, mums aren’t able to make the group book study meets and so this seemed like another fun way to provide an opportunity for connection. Being summer holidays here and choosing a midweek, midday slot, I thought we might be able to reach those ladies who can’t always attend. The great thing about Mom Heart ministry is that you can think outside the box and be super flexible and creative in ways to reach as many mums as possible. It’s as if Sally’s ministry has given women the outline of a drawing and we get to colour it in in whichever way we picture it.FullSizeRender (3)So whether it’s a weekly book study, a 1-2-1 catch up, a weekend retreat or a picnic, the outworking is different for all of us, but if we will put the offer out there and invite other mums to colour with us, we’ll always find there’ll be at least one taker!FullSizeRenderWhat simple event can you plan to draw the women into fellowship and conversation?