Mom Hearts Gather in Singapore

3032911b-5There are like-minded mothers all over the world!  Reading about International Mom Heart Groups gets Sally and our team fired up with excitement as God spreads a vision for biblical motherhood around the globe.  Paushali is one such leader, having led a group of mothers in Singapore.20151009_210139_resized

Paushali and two Mom Heart friends

Paushali first discovered Mom Heart ministry through Sally’s blog.  Living in Singapore, which is a big expat-rich country, people come and go quite frequently.  Moms are often new in this place and stay for about 4-5 years. Although friendships are formed quite quickly, many moms struggle to find deeper contacts and fellowship.20160524_165509_resizedPaushali led and hosted a group of 10 ladies. They came from the UK, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. They studied the book Own Your Life and discussed questions, shared what was on their hearts and prayed together. Each week someone brought snacks.  It was a joy to see women share their hearts, getting encouraged and encouraging others in their mothering journeys, form deeper fellowships, getting closer to Jesus.   There are always challenges as a leader and Paushali’s main struggle was having the women come and go and therefore having unreliable attendance.  This is a common struggle for many Mom Heart groups.  Knowing you’re not alone in this feeling as a leader, try to give this uncertainty to the Lord and trust that He will bring just the right women to each meeting.3032911b-19Paushali would like to encourage all of us to not feel shy to talk or invite someone else to your home or meet at a cafe. Everyone seems busy and like they’ve got it together. But everyone has struggles and is lonely in some way or another, looking to connect. There is nothing to lose by asking someone to meet up. If not, then fine. But if she agrees, you have a potential friendship and ministry.While this group has ended due to many women moving away, Paushali would love to gather again with other mothers so that they can encourage and challenge one another to live a life closer to Jesus.  Please pray for her as she desires to minister to mothers in Singapore.