More Ideas for Growth - Tip #11

Do you need ideas of where to find women to invite to your Mom Heart group?  Here are some suggestions from our Mom Heart Leader's Guide entitled Taking Motherhood to Women attending your Mom Heart group will likely represent a variety of cultural backgrounds from within your community. Sometimes you may need to wear your “brave face” to initiate conversations with moms in many settings—swim lessons, soccer practice, on Facebook, at church, and even when buying school supplies and materials. Just step out in faith.• Invite: The women who become a part of your group will probably mention how grateful they are that you stepped out of your comfort zone to initiate a conversation and invite them to your group. Not many others will. Just ask.• Include: Be aware of women who might be marginalized or minimalized and reach out to include them in your group. Look for “mom hearts” that need to be encouraged and helped. You will be touching the life of a woman who is giving life to the next generation.• Inspire: With no support from culture, or even from churches at times, many Christian moms have lost their heart for biblical motherhood. You have the opportunity to inspire them with hope that God’s design for motherhood is a divine calling with eternal purpose and spiritual blessing.asian-mother-and-child-1525341-639x466Influence: Many women are gifted and motivated, but not so many possess spiritual confidence or feel the personal freedom as a woman to exercise the gifts of influence they have from God. If you are that mom, know that it’s OK for you to own your own influence, and to exercise that influence by faith with God’s direction. After all, it’s His influence. Excerpt taken from Taking Motherhood to Hearts.