We're trusting God to keep entrusting us with ministry

Whole Heart is a faith ministry. That simply means we trust God to provide for our financial needs to enable us to do the ministry He has put into our hearts. God provides financially through ministry revenues such as events and book sales, and through donor contributions. Both are matters of faith. Though our belief in His ability to provide does not change, the means of His provision can, and does.

For twenty years, our hotel events ministry and book table sales funded up to 80% of our annual ministry financial needs. In 2018, that source of revenue disappears. The new LifewithSally.com subscription site will provide some replacement income, but not all of it. The reality is that we will need to trust God both for new revenue, and for new donor income. That's how a faith ministry works.

As we move forward on the path ahead of us, we are asking God to bring Partners to Whole Heart who will share our hearts for ministry to parents by sharing their resources. To put that in numbers rather than words, we are trusting God for $5,000 in additional monthly donations, and $50,000 in one-time gifts. Those are not small amounts, but we believe God is able to provide for our needs.

If you would like to become a Whole Heart Partner, please contact us and let us know about your interest. We want to know our Partners personally. If you are able to help Whole Heart finish a pivotal 2017 on strong financial footing headed into our 2018 "changed for good" year, your donation now would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! And we thank God for each of our Partners.