we thank god for our staff and faithful ministry leaders

Whole Heart Ministries would not exist without the faithful staff, leaders, and volunteers who come alongside to help us reach, in the words of C.S. Lewis, “further up and further in” for God. It is easy to say that Whole Heart is the ministry of Clay and Sally Clarkson, but that just doesn’t tell the whole story. Whole Heart is a partnership of people who share a heart for helping parents and expanding the kingdom of God. Here are some of the people who keep Whole Heart beating:


The Clarkson Family

Whole Heart Ministries is a family ministry—our message is about the family, and our family is about the message. The Clarkson children have all followed God into their own life journeys, and yet we all remain connected by the ministries of Whole Heart.

Christmas Broadmoor 2018 family.jpg

sally and clay | nathan, joy, thomas, sarah, Lilian, and joel


Whole Heart Board

As a family-run family ministry, and as a nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt religious organization, Whole Heart Ministries' legal and financial responsibilities are overseen by a formal, closely-held Board of Directors.

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Clay & Sally Clarkson






Whole Heart Advisory Team

The Whole Heart Advisory Team is an informal board of advisors comprised of selected couples who have been faithful to help Whole Heart in ministry. They are active in events and ministry team leadership, and offer counsel for ministry planning and implementation.

Ron & Sandra Maddox

Mark & Madlin MangruM

Danny & Shelley Rose 2016 crop.jpg

Danny & Shelley Rose

Jon & CheriE Werner


Whole Heart Office Staff

Clay and Sally are the executive staff members of Whole Heart.

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Clay Clarkson

Executive Director

Sally Clarkson

Women's Ministry Director


Whole Heart Virtual Staff

We also have a team of virtual assistants who help with the ongoing tasks of keeping content flowing into our ministry blogs, websites, and social media. Each virtual staff member is skilled in a specific area and works closely with office staff.

Misty Krawaski

SallyClarkson.com Assistant

Nathan Clarkson

Social Media Assistant

Josh West

Tech Assistant


Mom Heart Ministry Team

The Mom Heart Ministry Team is an informal team of women experienced in a variety of areas of ministry to women and mothers. Those on the team have been involved with Mom Heart Ministry or conferences, and provide assistance for all things Mom (and Mum) Heart.