2018 Was a year of opportunity

In addition to the ministry milestones we spotlight below, there were hundreds of hours of invisible ministry that made them possible—the tedious but necessary tasks of administration, planning, data management, correspondence, research, online design and programming, working with freelancers, and much more. It may not be seen, but it’s no less ministry.

The Lifegiving parent

We launched Clay’s new book, The Lifegiving Parent, from Oxford, England. All the podcast interviews with friends and colleagues about the book in April and May for the launch were done virtually, which made for interesting scheduling due to the time zone differences between the US and UK. This book was the third in our Lifegiving series of books with Tyndale Publishing House (with the Lifegiving Experience companion study guides, a total of six books all together). The Lifegiving Parent Experience, a ten-week study guide for individuals and groups, also launched at the same time. It includes a serialized story for each of the chapters, with Bible study and discussion questions.

Mum heart ministry uk

Mum Heart Ministry is alive and growing in the UK. Mom Heart Ministry has grown from a key ministry initiative of Whole Heart, into a Spirit-led worldwide movement of small groups for Christian mothers. In the spring, Sally ministered to groups of UK mums in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. When she returned in the fall after a summer break in the US, she hosted over twenty mums in our small rented home in Oxford for a Mum Heart Intensive ministry training weekend. At the same time, Mum Heart Australia continues to grow with new events and groups, and Mom Heart Ministry US continues to grow and thrive.

At Home with Sally & Friends Podcast

One of Sally’s strongest gifts is speaking, and she loves to speak extemporaneously. When she discovered podcasting, it was a perfect fit for her. Her At Home with Sally and Friends podcast continues to touch lives and find new friends. As she enters her fourth year, she is approaching four-million downloads. In her podcasts, listeners get to “listen in” on her thoughts and insights about motherhood, home life, living by faith, and the Christian life, as well as unscripted, natural and lively conversations with her guests. The podcast is available on her blog at SallyClarkson.com, and on iTunes.

Life with sally online course & community

Life with Sally, a membership website for moms, continued to grow. Member moms every month receive new content—curated content from Sally’s years of speaking in five subject areas, and original content from our ten “Inspirer” mothers in ten additional subject areas. Gretchen Roberts and Jennie Nelson keep LifewithSally.com alive as the admins of the site.