After 24 years of ministry, Whole Heart Ministries is still active and growing because of three realities: (1) a clear mission and plan for helping Christian parents; (2) a great team of staff, volunteers, and helpers; and (3) partners who share our hearts and share their resources. As we look back on 2017, all of those realities came together to create another fruitful year of ministry for Whole Heart.

If you’ve read our year-end Vision Letter for 2018, you already know that Whole Heart Ministries has made a major pivot—we've changed "for good" and now we're navigating into a new season of ministry. Rather than spending six months every year on conference planning and management, now we're moving into a season of writing, online ministry, and international ministry.

Even with the uncertainty that comes with ending an era of conferences and heading into an unknown new future, we can still look back at 2017 and see God's faithfulness, and that's why we'll step out in faith again. God has always met our needs in the past, and we're confident He will in the future. So, in this Annual Report we want to briefly remember what God did in the year that was 2017.

Clay & Sally Clarkson

Founders and directors, Whole Heart Ministries